Angelika Gregoric


Angelika Gregoric (born on 15.12.1958 in Klagenfurt, Austria) is the creator behind the successful label Anima Design. Anima Design’s covetable women’s clothes and accessories are developed in her studio and shop in Vienna, Austria.

The early years

Angelika Gregoric’s career was set in motion during her Gold and Silversmith course at the Ferlach University of Applied Sciences in Austria (1976 – 1982). Her first works as jewellery designer were created in the workshop of goldsmith and designer Wolf-Peter Schwarz, Ehinger-Schwarz in Ulm (1983 – 1985).

About Anima and Angelika Gregoric

In its original meaning, the Greek word anima articulates the central motivation and power behind the creativity of Angelika Gregoric. Never concerned by current trends, she has always followed her inner voice and this is consciously reflected in her designs. The clear lines of her work are developed with a sophisticated understanding of the optimum symbiosis of material and function. Anima stands for a new awareness in life, day by day - for the essence of here and now. That is also why Anima Design - Angelika Gregoric can be seen as an unwavering innovator in style. Her feel for material and line is applauded and enjoyed by customers across the world. Anima is pure design. The success of her philosophy has been recognised by many exhibitions in numerous museums for applied art in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Zurich, und Munich.

1985 Interest in theatre. Wardrobe Assistant to Renate Schmitzer for “Sweeny Todd” at Ulm Theatre.

1987 Launch of the Butoh Dance Project, costumes for theatre and opera, travels in India.

1988 to 1992 Presentation of women’s fashion collections, fashion fairs, international performance project: AMANDA. In 1993 Costume Assistant to Erika NAVAS for films and TV. The first 6 episodes of “Kommissar Rex”, “Fragmente” by Michael Haneke, “Exit” by Franz Nowotny, “An Almost Perfect Affair” by Reinhard Schwabenitzky and costume production for “Hannah”.

1997 Launch of the “anima” label and studio in Ulm. Creation of a collection of bags and accessories, work with industrial felt.

1999 Participation in the Frankfurt “Ambiente” and “Tendenz” trade fairs, exhibitions in Germany and internationally.

2002 The year when Angelika’s horizons expanded: “applied art” welfare project (Rumania, India and Afghanistan) and training and certification as a yoga teacher in Germany and India.

2003 Creation of the “house slipper” collection.

2004 Presentation in Vienna at “Art Up” (Applied Art Austria), the Walk-wolle collection.

2005 Bag collection for Giesswein, exhibition at the Bavarian Crafts Council in Munich.

2006 Head of Costume for the musical  “West Side Story”, Sundandance Company, New York. Tours through Asia until October 2006. Followed by time in Japan researching textiles and training in Nakanishi Healing. Exploration of “The Art of Living” and Design Your Life. December “Design Schenken” exhibition in the Looshaus, Vienna.

2007 Travel to India, yoga studies, involvement in the concept for a women’s project, research into textile printing Jaipur/ Bagru hand block printing. October exhibition at “Schmuckwerk” in Diessen am Ammersee (Germany).

2008 Participation in the spring and autumn exhibitions at “Schmuckwerk”.

2009-2010 Project with the PDO (Philharmonic Doctors Orchestra, Germany). Responsibility for the costume production, creation and organisation of the “Magic Flute” opera.

2011 creation “Collection Spring/Summer 2011”.